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Wireless charging case for AirPods 1&2

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1. Compact and lightweight design.
2. This is a smart protective case for Apple Airpods, which can protect Airpods from dirt, scratches and stains.
3. Charge your airpods in the wireless charger, any QI wireless charger supports charging

Product information:
Input/output: 5V / 100 mA (same as original)
Bare metal weight: 35 grams
Size: 44.3x21.3x53.5mm
Charging method: Lightning interface and wireless charging

Loading standard:
1. Charging box battery capacity: 400mA
2. You can get up to 3 hours of listening time in just 15 minutes in the charging box
3. Can charge the Bluetooth headset 5 times

适用于Apple Airpods的无线充电接收器外壳QI标准空气无线接收器兼容任何无线充电器(3)  

Wireless charging case for AirPods 1&2